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The Study of War is the Study of Humanity, at all its different levels.

QuarterDeck Production Corp (QuarterDeck Entertainment) came into existence because it had to. There are so many riveting accounts of what has gone before not being told that this company was formed to accomplish that very mission. Our Mission is to Entertain & Inform. History – as they say – is written by the victors. Military History being the story of man “at his highest highs & lowest of lows” to paraphrase Bruce Thornton, eminent Military Historian that works closely with Victor Davis Hanson, one of – if not the most – preeminent Military Historian of our time. We’re here to bring you what you aren’t – and haven’t seen before – in a new and entertaining format, and you’ll see what you haven’t seen in a new, engrossing, and captivating way.

Thank you for visiting us. Stay tuned. Lots of good things on the way.

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