BREAKING – Robert E. Wilhelm Guests on Blog Talk Radio!!!

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BREAKING: ROBERT E. WILHELM Guests on Blog Ralk Radio!!!

Our very own Robert E. Wilhelm was accorded a wonderful opportunity to be a on-air guest on the Saturday Symposium of Blog Ralk Radio with hosts Gary Edwin Rumer & Scott Osborn talking the industry, acting, and motion pictures. You can listen here:

“Really had a blast!’ Wilhelm reflects, “Both Gary & Scott knew “Old Hollywood” about as well as I did – it’s what got me into the industry – so there was a lot of common ground. There’s a lot of rich history there and films that are timeless. Unfortunately – as you’ll hear – there’s a lot to lament in the industry today – the endless cycle of remakes/reboots never seems to end. People who really want to make original, innovative pictures have to go the indie route. That’s fine & there’s certainly more freedom in doing so, but it can be challenging raising production capital and securing distribution. Those are always the Achilles Heel of any filmmaker. ”

BREAKING: ROBERT E. WILHELM Guests on Blog Talk Radio!!!

In addition, Wilhelm was able to outline the primary market for all QDeck projects: “Basically anyone who’s tired of the same old – same old! We see a big market for men because they’re being under served in the marketplace. There’s not that much out there for them. Think that’s probably why they’ve gravitated toward tv & video games. And we’re seeing a big percentage – about half – of the traffic on the QDeck site is women, so obviously they’re looking for something new too. We’re interested in universal themes & undertaking the sort of projects the industry can’t – or won’t – do. We’re not afraid to rake a risk. They are. Living high up in a corporate bubble gets pretty insular after awhile. The industry’s pretty much been operating on a business paradigm from the 1980’s and it’s not working anymore. You see that reflected in the decreasing box office dollars.”

In speaking of “Old Hollywood”, Wilhelm names one of his favorite all-time directors: “Sam Peckinpah. He reinvented the Western in 1969 with The Wild Bunch and really has a fascinating body of work. He made movies with themes guys could relate to. We don’t see that much anymore.” Can men be brought back to the cinema? “I think so. But it has to be something that interests them, not something they’re dragged to by their significant other. A veteran Producer friend of mine has told me that RomComs (Romantic Comedies) & Dramas are real hard sells right now. ”

A Peckinpah film that inspired “SCORCHED EARTH; The Other Side of World War II”; “Cross of Iron” (1977)


Steve McQueen & Sam Peckinpah clowning on the set of “The Getaway” (1972).

“Sam gets a bad rap sometimes; people refer to him as “Bloody Sam” with the violence & all, but that’s not really fair. If you ever watch Ride the High Country , Junior Bonner , or The Getaway, you’ll understand just how good a dramatist he was.”

BREAKING: ROBERT E. WILHELM Guests on Blog Talk Radio!!!

In talking Acting, Wilhelm notes that, “…it’s funny. I don’t talk about acting with anyone save a few close fellow actors – like Edwin Bravo

Edwin H. Bravo

and my coach. And we don’t talk at length about it. We just know what needs to be done and do it – or if a certain approach doesn’t work – we redo it. When I’m asked to pontificate on it, it’s a bit like being asked to make your favorite recipe: you have it in your head and you just know what to do. It’s a tough thing to explain.”

Wilhelm also expounded on the QuarterDeck project at the top of list, SCORCHED EARTH: The Other Side of World War II: “It’s the most incredibly engaging story you haven’t seen. What’s so funny about all these remakes is that there are so many innovative, engaging stories that have yet to be told. ” SCORCHED EARTH: The Other Side of World War II shows a side of World War II you’re not used to seeing – the Russian Front – and tells it from the point of view of another group Hitler victimized – the soldiers sent to the front that had to deal with- up close & personal – the consequences of his actions. “The Russian Front was really hell on earth,’ Wilhelm avers, “To give an idea of the scale and brutality of the conflict, the Soviets would lose about three million men in the first three months of the war. How’s that for twisting your melon? SCORCHED EARTH: The Other Side of World War II is not a history lesson, but rather a human interest story of two estranged brothers coming together because they have to. It’s either that or they die. And the script has some nuances you’ve never seen before! We’re proud of the Emmy Award-nominated production team we have working on it. The Production Company of record is Red Entertainment Group – a great bunch of folks down there who really know what they’re doing.”

Ck out SCORCHED EARTH: The Other Side of World War II on Facebook & Give’em a Like!!! 



And while you’re there ck out THE MARSCHER LORDS: Brotherhood or Death on FB too!!! We’ve had some movement on this – as Wilhelm noted above, raising production capital is the hardest thing – so stay tuned!!!

“And – yes! There’s news about Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas – it’s out in Redbox mid-November 2017!!! It’s a great family fun film so check it out! Look for me as the Police Lieutenant.” ;<)

Premiere of “Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas” @ Paramount Studios.




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