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No – we haven’t vanished or been abducted by aliens (yet!)! No – just been deep in the trenches working on projects and putting others together, namely one SCORCHED EARTH:The Other Side of World War II feature film by name. Some real impressive advancements  as of late. It’s an ambitious project to be sure but then again, why play small ball? Life’s too short. All of us only have one go around on this earth, why not go for the gold? Let someone else settle for the bronze. As you can see, some impressive attachments already, there are some others we can’t divulge at this point but will do so when possible. Nailed down is a complete & prepared budget, vetted & well-seasoned production group, locale, reenactment groups, & armored vehicles. Ladies & Gentlemen, this is a true adventure for all audiences & shows the brotherhood among men that develops under the worst of circumstances. This is a true independent picture & for that were’ mighty proud!

Now of course forget not THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or DeathSCORCHED EARTH jumped ahead a little by accident (these things happen) but it’s still on the slate & will make an excellent follow up to SCORCHED EARTH.

New Artwork just in:





Now, the process of raising production capital is front-&-center. If you or anyone you know is interested in getting on board with this incredibly unique & genre-redefining project, simply contact us here. Project Script, Budget, Pitch Book, & Shooting Schedule are available for review.



On other fronts, Mega Kudos go out to our partner-in-crime  Edwin H. Bravo, who was just featured in a guest star part on NBC’s comedy series Trial & Error & also completed an episode of Amazon’s Sneaky Pete . Kickin’ it – Edwin! Smokin’ it!!!edwin trial



Robert E Wilhelm just completed the pilot for a new Dormtainment series – playing a #Hiphop Mogul of all things – which will debut on YouTubeRed, a new role on

Investigation Discovery’s Deadly Sins series, and a new project for rameycreative.com, “Eye of the Beholder”.

Robert E Wilhelm is Hi-hop Mogul "Timmy Visine" in Dormtainmenttbv's new webseries "Snap!"

Robert E Wilhelm is Hip-hop Mogul “Timmy Visine” in Dormtainmenttv’s new webseries “Snap!”


Stay tuned for updates. More to come. ;<)


As Always,

Hoch und Deutschmeister (German Grand Master) Shield.

Hoch und Deutschmeister (German Grand Master) Shield.


Stay Chivalrious, My Friends

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