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Woah!!! How time gets away – far too long between blog posts!!! Our sincerest apologies but we’ve been going from one project to another without interruption. Since then, our very own Robert E. Wilhelm has appeared in several shorts as well as working with the legendary Russ Woody on a special performance of his new pilot Deleria. He’s also slated to shoot some pick-ups on his latest indie feature Candid Carmen & Co., directed by Noé Obregon Escobar. It’s a rollicking, comedy/drama about the pits and pratfalls of a street theatre group in L.A. Also stars Katy Bodenhamer,  Alejandra Morin,  Lissette Feliciano LeónJesse Pimentel, Jovanna Nicole, and Takaaki Hirakawa. From the rushes the film is top notch!!! Count us eager for the the premiere!!! You can see some of the footage in his updated Demo Reel here.

Edwin H Bravo

Edwin H. Bravo

And from the “Dept of Edwin Rocks”, Edwin H. Bravo scored a Guest Star appearance on the series Angie Tribeca and also with a role in the new pilot Rebel, created by John Singleton.

Paul Stephen Spratt looking quite Bond-ian actually!

Paul S. Lambeth looking quite Bond-ian actually!

THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death fellow cast member Paul S. Lambeth continues his work on The Pro as well as stepping into the Director’s Chair for the upcoming psychological thriller Lockwood Farm, so look for more here as it gets into  pre-production.

SCORCHED EARTH:The Other Side of World War II seems to have sprouted wings: since our last blog inception we’re proud to announce  a veteran and seasoned DP has come aboard as well as two recognizable German actors. Director Christian Pichler is over in Austria – as this is written – checking out a few things. There is a distinct possibility of European locales for this production. The Producers list has also expanded. A very impressive project pitch book has been compiled – including crew and cast attachments – and is available for review to verifiable potential investors. The SCORCHED EARTH:The Other Side of World War II Pitch Book can be reviewed (with authorized access)  here.

Both THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death and SCORCHED EARTH:The Other Side of World War II share a similar theme: that of brotherhood – both of blood and that of comrades –  under the worst circumstances imaginable and the strains consequently thereof. That is what makes these two projects inherently different and unique. For example, one of the themes that makes Sam Peckinpah’s  THE WILD BUNCH a classic is that it’s also a story of brotherhood: either The Bunch stands together or they all go down together.   As heretofore mentioned (in previous posts) one thing too many motion pictures today lack is that of a real and coherent storyline but mucho CGI. Is that really a good trade off? Someone in the biz said years ago what it took to make a great film; their response was “Story. Story. Story.”

The maxim by which we live.

As this is the opening weekend of the Ghostbusters remake which has caused a bit of a stir, we’d be interested in your take on the subject of remakes. We’re not particularly fond of them here. Our view is there’s plenty of original stories yet untold than to remake something that’s already been done. Moreover, where’s the creativity in that? But opinions are quite similar to orifices, we all have them. So feel free to weigh in.

In the meantime, stay tuned for updates – as they happen!!!

UPDATE: Friend of the page Justin Cuomo checked in: not only an actor but a musician to boot! He’s working on an album now and is shooting a few days on Colony tv series. You can see his upcoming venues here. Ck out the pics & his shows: Justin gets around!!!!

Justin Cuomo 2

Justin Cuomo

Justin Cuomo Justin Cuomo 3

UPDATE II!!!: Paul S. Lambeth sent us a still from his performance as “Vinny Stephens” in The Pro film. Ck it out – well worth the time. Looks to be quite the quality project with a well above board cast. Looking good Paul – keep us posted!!!13883805_10207132913458293_1850677133_n.png

As Always,

Hoch und Deutschmeister (German Grand Master) Shield.

German Grand Master Shield.

Stay Chivalrous Dear Friends!

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