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Whoa! – What happened to Summer 2015!!!??? Boy that went lighting fast!!! We’re way overdue for a blog post and things are taking off so here we go…

Ladies & Gentlemen, we live in exciting times, to wit:

Big – B-I-G NEWS : THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death is now a full length feature film!!! New Executive Producer came onboard who absolutely LOVES the entire concept as well as the script and sees it as a full length feature film instead of a short (well, in the interests of full disclosure so did we!!!). Dearest thanks go to Project Manager Adela Taylor for putting together the Project Book to that made it – as it is – eminently unique and ultimately unforgettable!!! Add to this we proudly announce the addition of our cast member – Yul Spencer – AKA “KOOL YUL” – to the production. Welcome Yul!!! Yul’s an all-around terrific guy and a total professional who’s vast experience and sharp acumen both in front of and behind the camera shall advance much to this production and its success!!!  We’re really proud to have him onboard!!! Stay tuned folks, much – much – more to come on this!!!Yul Spence

SCORCHED EARTH:The Other Side of World War II is a new QuarterDeck project that has a phenomenal Director already onboard – Christian Pichler. A veteran of working with both Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay, this native-born Austrian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to one of the most unique and exciting World War II films you will ever see. We’re not putting out a lot on this because frankly, we don’t need to: there’s already interest and buzz on this behind-the-scenes, and several names attached to it.  It’s no stretch to call this a Das Boot-like project; a thrilling, nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat adventure exposing the living hell that was the Russian Front during the Second World War. This is the war you’ve never seen, until now.  If you’re interested in becoming a part of this, contact us.  Our very own Robert E Wilhelm and Christian Pichler just worked together on Sphinx: Genesis. Ck it out and share!!!

Sphinx Genesis poster

R.E. Wilhelm with John Zacchino on set of "Sphinx: Genesis"; Directed by Christian Pichler.

R.E. Wilhelm with John Zacchino on set of “Sphinx: Genesis”; Directed by Christian Pichler.







Sphinx Genesis dvd_cover







And thanks to enterprising young artist extraordinaireMs. Cheyenne Moore – we now have this new artwork for SCORCHED EARTH: The Other Side of World War II!!! ;<)

Ms. Cheyenne Moore's outstanding creation!!!

Ms. Cheyenne Moore’s outstanding creation!!!

Both are outstanding, but each has a different tinge which gives it a different feel.

Both are outstanding, but each has a different tinge which gives it a different feel.


Friend of the page and Yellow Feather Producer Jennifer Tung has told us that Yellow Feather Lead F/X Artist Mike Spatola has his third installment of The Monstrous Makeup Book coming out!!! Go ck it out and reserve your copy now!!! As you will see, Mike Spatola has over 35 yrs in the biz and has worked on such blockbusters as Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Edward Scissorhands, and Gettysburg to name a very, very few. Ck out his IMDB page and chances are you’ll see one of your favs there!!! More on Yellow Feather here and here at the project’s homepage.

Mike Spitola and cast member on set of "Yellow Feather" trailer shoot.

Mike Spatola and cast member on set of “Yellow Feather” trailer shoot.

"Yellow Feather" Directors Lincoln & Lucas Smith.

“Yellow Feather” Directors Lincoln & Lucas Smith.

A lot of Green Screen work in film these days!!!

Green Screen work on “Yellow Feather” Trailer.

Harbinger Down has been released!!!Ck out their FB page as they have a lot of new updates including behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Vanna Eckmyre!!! Kudos again to all involved including our very own Edwin H. Bravo (in the role of “Atka”) who will be seen in the upcoming THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death!!! Great interview about the production with Edwin here!

Edwin H Bravo (on right) with the legendary Lance Henriksen in "Harbinger Down".

Edwin H Bravo (on right) with the legendary Lance Henriksen in “Harbinger Down”.

Also friend of the page – and LA’s Best Acting/Audition Coach (IOHO) – Paul Barry, who writes a column for Backstage West, is now doing an interesting project with Show Reels Australia (seems only right since he’s from the land “Down Under”) where he’ll be helping source, write, and direct scenes. Ck him out!!! We couldn’t recommend him more highly!!! img_12557l5jc13h8

Stay tuned – things are moving pretty fast!!! In the meantime…

Stay Chivalrous

Order Teutonicus

My Friends….



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