Updated!! Premiere of “Harbinger Down”, “Abandoned Dead”, & a Slow “Burn” to a Very “Scorched Earth”….

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hdIt’s Premiere Time!!!


Cast of Dark Dunes’ Production of “Harbinger Down” at Premier: Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood CA.

Be Careful What You Bring Onboard!!! Director Alec Gillis‘ “‘Harbinger Down’” debuted at the Egyptian Theatre Official Site in Hollywood this past week – kudos to all including our very own Edwin H Bravo (in the role of “Atka”)!!! The cast includes the legendary Lance Henriksen and actors Matt Winston, Giovonnie Samuels, Camille Balsamo, Winston James Francis (one of the biggest fellows we’ve ever run into but also one of the nicest!), Milla Bjorn, Reid Collums, Michael Estime,  Mick Ignis, Jason Speer,  and Craig W. Sturtz. Take a bow One & All & special kudos to Producer Extraordinaìre Jennifer Tung, and to  Tom Woodruff of StudioADI & Dark Dunes Productions for an entirely new unique approach to the genre!!! A terrific project very well executed!!! In an age of overly done – and all too abundant – CGI, it’s nice to see a film done with practical effects (in this case practical creature effects). Back in the day it was one of those industries that kept Hollywood humming along, but – increasingly over the years – was being edged out by the CGI industry. #PFX certainly look more real than CGI for that matter. When audiences see “Harbinger Down“, it will look a lot more realistic than a lot of the studio “tentpoles” they’ve become accustomed to seeing.




Milla Bjorn with Edwin H. Bravo at Premier of “Harbinger Down”; Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood, CA.


“No Hard Feelings?” Edwin H. Bravo & Michael Estime hamming it up with their antagonist at the Premier.

with Lance

Our very own R.E. Wilhelm & Lance Henriksen at the Premier of “Harbinger Down”; Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood, CA.


FV Harbinger; the vessel upon which the action of “Harbinger Down” takes place. #PFX


Edwin H. Bravo & Friend of the Page Kurt Bonzell at Premier of “Harbinger Down”; Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood, CA.

Abandoned Dead psoterIt’s Premiere Time!!!

More news on Mark W. Curran‘s signature feature Abandoned Dead – featuring our very own Robert E. Wilhelm (or “Dutch” as he’s affectionately known to his friends) – cast and crew screening just announced!!! Sunday June 7 @ Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro!!! Hoo-rah Mark and congrats and getting it done!!! Abandoned Dead also features the wonderful Sarah Nicklin &  Judith O’Dea – who was in George Romero‘s cult classic Night of the Living Dead – and the wonderful Hanna  Johnson. It is the story of a simple security guard (Sarah Nicklin) who takes an unexpected weekend security stint at a nursing home only to run into the diabolical schemes of Dr. Thaddeus Mayfield (Wilhelm). It’s a dark and creepy psychological thriller – don’t look for any cheap “slasher” stuff here; the idea and script were well above the norm. image1

On to THE MARSCHER LORDS: Brotherhood or Death: some very good developments taking place. Robert E. Wilhelm & Edwin H Bravo are working on this one together with the indomitable Sir Brick Price, Production Sound expert Dean Andre, and cutting edge DP John Lynch. Can’t divulge them just yet – still working out the details –  so stay tuned. Hopefully very, very soon!!!

Pcihler 1

Robert E. Wilhelm & Christian Pichler on set of “Sphinx:Genesis” (www.sphinxthemovie.com).






Scorched Earth graphic

Initial artwork.

Another new development – not even officially announced yet – within the last two weeks is that Director Christian Pichler – who Wilhelm worked with on Sphinx:Genesis – has just come  onboard to direct the riveting World War II drama SCORCHED EARTH:The Other Side of World War II. Not only has it not been announced, but there is not yet a Facebook page or a website! (Stay tuned – have an FB page up for it shortly). It has however already been formed as a corporation (as has THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death). There is international interest building for SCORCHED EARTH: The Other Side of World War II so as matters develop look here (or the soon-to-debut Facebook page) for news.

In addition, Wilhelm just literally wrapped on Candid Carmen & Co., directed by Noé Obregõn and produced by Ayush Banker &  Helene Gonze. DP Aric Coppolla really twisted & contorted himself into getting what are probably some awesome angles on this story of the highs & lows of a street theatre group in LA.  With Lisette Feliciano, Alejandra Morin, Jovanna Avila, Jesse Pimentel, Takaaki Hirakawa, Curtis Spilotis, & Kady Bodenhamer.  Our very special Make-Up Artist – Joelle Duvernois – made our – at times – extensive make-up sessions a pure joy!!! It was fun trying to dredge up elementary school French in an attempt to parlez with her! Wilhelm says it was a terrific shoot with a great group of people, “It was a nice challenge to play this type of character,’ Wilhelm says, “I saw him as kind of a Moonlighting David Addison-type. Fortunately Noè agreed. He was a lot of fun to play and a real chance to stretch the acumen! Look for great things to come from this cast – real pros and Director Noè Obregõn appears to have a strong stripe of Terrence Malick in him! Wonderful experience with really great people!!!” There you go Noè, first review already in!!!


(L to R) Jesse Pimentel, Alejandra Morin, & Jovanna Avila on set @ LACMA for “Candid Carmen & Co.”


“Go Forth, Live Long & Prosper!” Robert E. Wilhelm on set of “Candid Carmen & Co.”


Director of Photography Aric Coppola showing his enthusiasm for the next shot of “Candid Carmen & Co.” with Director Noe Obregon.

With Aric Coppola 2

“You know, Life is no Bowl of Bing Cherries!” Wilhelm & DP Aric Coppola hanging out on set.


(L to R) Jovanna Avila, Robert E. Wilhelm, & Alejandra Morin of “Candid Carmen & Co.”












Update #1!!!

Major developments also on the Masters of War: Soldiers of Distinction documentary series thanks to our Executive Producer Mo “Mighty Mo” Fitzgibbon!!! Mo and her hubby – Robert Walker – are the truest treasure anyone could ever ask for!!! Thanks in part to former Travel Channel Guru Andy Singer (who’s a longtime friend of Mo’s)  The series is now in the process of being packaged by a major agency!!!! Thank you Mo, Rob, and Andy!!! You are the greatest team anyone could ever ask for!!!

Mo Fitzgibbon & Robert Walker of Walker-Fitzgibbon.com @ Etheria Film Festival.

Mo Fitzgibbon & Robert Walker of Walker-Fitzgibbon.com @ Etheria Film Festival.

MoW One Sheet Front 001

Andy Singer Travel Channel guru is a true inspiration and always in front of everything visual.

Andy Singer Travel Channel guru is a true inspiration and always in front of everything visual.

Update #II: From “Across the Pond”…

…In Merry Ol’England actually, we’ve news of our Ambassador of Goodwill by Special Arrangement Paul Stephen Spratt: he checks in and informs us thus:  “I am due to start filming a horror feature Velvet Pine I play one of the lead characters, “The Professor”, in a dystopian world where head transplants are the norm and society is split into three main groups: the Vampires – who’s leader is Velvet Pine, the Babyface Gang who are the henchmen for Velvet Pine and the masses composed of animals/humans. The animals are subservient to the will of the Vampires and are aware of the Vampire existence while humans are oblivious. The animals provide the link between the Vampire and Human worlds. Velvet Pine controls a business empire which entertains the masses and provides opportunities for feeding, killing and social control. Graphic murder is routine , but an unexplained phenomena largely cleaned up by the animals. Blood disorders to weaken humans and provide a clean source of purity for the Vampires to feed on is rife but its genesis is largely unknown to the humans. I am off to Warner Bros studio tomorrow to be an extra in King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The sets look amazing!!! They have built a castle and village on the studio grounds. I have two other lead roles but not scheduled to start till Sept/Oct and The Cowboy has been put on hold for a while as they are still concentrating on other projects; one is The Watergate Film Festival (pauljlanefilms) Keep up the good work your looking great look forward to seeing you in all those projects when they’re released!!!”

Paul Stephen Spratt as "The Professor" in "Velvet Pine".

Paul Stephen Spratt as “The Professor” in “Velvet Pine”.

Paul Stephen Spratt looking quite Bond-ian actually!

Paul Stephen Spratt looking quite Bond-ian actually!

Actor Paul Stephen Spratt on set.

Actor Paul Stephen Spratt on set.


Hoo-rah Paul!!! Thank You & Keep Us Updated!!! We’re looking very much forward to working with you on THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death!!!!


Posts updated so check back often!!! In the meantime…

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Hoch und Deutschmeister (German Grand Master) Shield.

Hoch und Deutschmeister (German Grand Master) Shield.

Stay Chivalrous, My Friends.

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