Sphinx: Genesis & A Yellow Feather!!!

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It’s a celebration of independent film!!!

Director Christian Pichler

Director Christian Pichler

Mission Accomplished for Director Christian Pichler‘s Sphinx:Genesis!!! The short and accompanying trailer have been completed!!! In addition, the Sphinx:Genesis website has been totally redesigned:intensely interactive & informative about the overall project. Here you will see how Christian weaves a compelling and fascinating sci/fi thriller about the potential creation of man, those who are behind it, and the conspiracy to keep the truth hidden from the masses. It culminates into an edge-of-your-seat thriller that will definitely give you pause for thought!!! You may never look at your neighbor the same again!!! Ck it out & Share the site and the trailer around!!!

Sphinx Genesis dvd_cover

Christian’s working now on the full length feature for Sphinx:Genesis, which he hopes to shoot – potentially – in the UK. Our very own R.E. Wilhelm III was one of the principal actors of the project, and says “It was a real pleasure and a blast to work on this; original innovative idea, well-written script, and top-notch cast and crew! Christian and producer Gaelle Harvey really knew their stuff and did one hell of a job putting the whole project together. It was one of those shoots where you didn’t want to hear: “It’s a wrap!” Everything went off like clockwork.” Shot on EPIC Red cameras, the trailer has a spectacular cinematic quality to it, thanks for this no doubt go to Christian and his Directors of Photography Will Turner and Chris Warren.  In addition, new actor Timmy Glasgow does a phenomenal job as the one anointed by the ‘Wizards behind the curtain”, aka “The Illuminati“.  Wilhelm also worked with John Zacchino as the fellow FBI agent and Joey Gaytan who – it could be argued – was Death himself. Wilhelm related some of the behind-the-scenes antics on set:

R.E. Wilhelm with John Zacchino on set of "Sphinx: Genesis"; Directed by Christian Pichler.

R.E. Wilhelm with John Zacchino on set of “Sphinx: Genesis”; Directed by Christian Pichler.

“We spent most of the morning shooting inside a car while they moved the cameras around us. John Zacchino and I just had to hang out inside the car while they were setting up the next shot. How to pass the time? Somehow we got onto the Grease soundtrack and we went through the entire songbook at least twice, just the two of us singing it inside the car!!!”

“Then there’s the scene where John Zacchino gets hung, but then suddenly appears behind me. He had to wear this harness so they could suspend him from a rope. There was a ladder for safety behind him of course but I remember thinking, “Wow! One wrong move could make this the ultimate wedgie!” There are a lot of terrific pics – check them out in the online Sphinx:Genesis Gallery.

And to top it all off, Director Christian Pichler‘s a new American Citizen!!! He just finished the normalization process and received his citizenship status! Welcome Christian and Congratulations!!!

R.E. Wilhelm & John Zacchino on set of "Sphinx:Genesis"; Directed by Christian Pichler.

R.E. Wilhelm & John Zacchino on set of “Sphinx:Genesis”; Directed by Christian Pichler.

Yellow Feather

Artwork rendering for the Smith brothers’ “Yellow Feather”.

A friend of the site turned us onto a new project now on Kickstarter: it’s called The Yellow Feather an it’s an original horror/fantasy film that boasts the talents of Mike Spatola, a 35yr veteran of Makeup & F/X who’s been nominated twice for an Emmy. For those not familiar with his career, Mike has worked on all types of films from Return of the Living Dead, to Tremors, StargateTerminator 2,  and HBO’s Tales From The Crypt (to name just a very few) The project is being helmed by two brothers: Lucas & Lincoln Smith. Ck it out! More on their Facebook page. LATE ADD: Here’s a video message from Lincoln Smith!!! Remember: in this day & age you have the power to influence what you see so get active & involved!!!



Production funding for THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death continues apace. Our contacts have been stalled a bit with business interests and tax season! (Leave it to the Fed Govt to throw a wrench in the entrepreneurial spirit!). But we can state now that a very new and exciting addition to the project has just been made!!! We can’t reveal exactly what it is at this point, but will of course in due time. It is a windfall that can/will only elevate the project. Stay tuned!!!

Mo 1

Mo Fitzgibbon & Gary Lennon, Writer/Director of “Orange is the New Black”.

Our “Mighty Mo” Update: The documentary series Masters of War:Soldiers of Distinction is in the process now of being packaged by a major agency, thanks to Executive Producer Mo Fitzgibbon‘s efforts  for all her hard work and earnestness!!! Stay tuned for more developments!!!

Mo Fitzgibbon (on left) with Gloria Estefan.

Mo Fitzgibbon (on left) with Gloria Estefan.

In addition, Mike MoutsatsosBarker Daniels is slated to premier Sunday March 22, 2015 AT Maggiano’s At The Grove in Los Angeles. The day R.E. Wilhelm shot, there were some incredible sound issues (always the Achilles Heel of non-Studio shoots) so – being ever the enterprising indie filmmaker – the shoot was uprooted & transported to Studio City where peace  (and good sound) was finally achieved!!!  This film was Written, Edited, & Directed by Michael Moutsatsos. Kudos to Moose! (“Get’her done!) He’s already hard at work on another!!! No better way than to keep it going!!!

And don’t forget this excellent tome: available in both Softcover & Kindle versions. It’s a journey that’s a real thrill ride!!! $1 of each Kindle sale are donated to two Veteran’s Charities: @OpSupplyDrop & @GarySeniseFound. For the Softcover it’s $2 to each. So help yourself to a rip-roaring, edge-of-your-seat thrill ride circa the South Pacific 1942. Wilhelm’s personal money-back  guarantee: if you read it and you haven’t had a thrill he’ll personally refund your money!!!

Available on Amazon.com

Available on Amazon.com



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