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Hoo-rah!!! A new year brings new opportunities!!! We’re moving right along with Masters of War: Soldiers of Distinction. Thanks to the efforts of our relentless & exceptional Executive ProducerMo Fitzgibbon – of WalkerFitzgibbon.com & she’s fresh from working with the always effervescent Gloria Estefan – we’ve got a major agency looking on packaging the entire series since it’s expected over at a major production company. More on this as it develops.

Mo Fitzgibbon (on left) with Gloria Estefan.

Masters of War: Soldiers of Distinction Executive Producer Mo Fitzgibbon (on left) with Gloria Estefan.

In addition, our efforts in nailing down a Veteran’s Charity continue apace (see below), and should be ironed out tout suite. In the wake of the release of Clint Eastwood‘s American Sniper, highlighting the career of America’s most successful sniper – Chris Kyle – we’re heartened to give back to those who have given all of us so much, and far too many – Chris Kyle included – gave their all.  Speaking of charities, THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death Producer Stephen Rollins founded the National Foundation for Military Family Support. Stephen’s always been a stalwart supporter of the U.S. Military, son of an Army Ranger & nephew of a U.S. Marine as he is. His charity’s drive is to “see each soldier and their family receive the appropriate mental and medical services, find a good job, and meet their financial needs. It is our plan to put all of our programs into immediate effect, starting with the medical and mental assistance. Our soldiers are provided with benefits through the VA, but in many cases they have a long wait before care can be administered. It is our goal to see that they receive the immediate care they deserve.” A more worthy goal was never made.

On the subject of snipers we would be remiss not to mention the upcoming Masters of War: Soldiers of Distinction episode on possibly the Greatest Sniper of All Time: Finland’s Simo Häyhä. During The Winter War of 1939-’40 when the Soviet Union launched an unprovoked attack on his tiny country, Simo Häyhä rose to the defense of his homeland. Having hitherto displayed a talent & a genuine enthusiasm for marksmanship, Simo Häyhä took to the field, utilizing a modified Mosin-Nagant M91 rifle (Mosin-Nagant M28/30).

The legendary Simo Häyhä: "White Death".

The legendary Simo Häyhä: “White Death” as he would become known to the invading Russians.

He would dress in white winter camouflage, and carry with him only a day’s worth of supplies and ammunition. While hiding out in the snow, he would then take out any Russian who entered his killing zone. Häyhä preferred to use iron {open} sights on his rifle instead of scopes, as scopes had a tendency to glare in the sunlight and reveal his position.

Simo Häyhä: No ordinary sniper he: ‘over the course of 100 days during the winter he racked up over 500 kills [in less than 100 days!!!], earning him the nicknameThe White Death”. The Soviets feared him so much that they mounted numerous counter sniper and artillery attacks to get rid of him, all of which failed miserably.” He lived to the ripe old age of 97 and is a Finnish National Hero.

News on Harbinger Down!!!: they – like us – were at AFM 2014 and secured a distribution deal!!! Congrats Alec Gillis, Jennifer Tung, Edwin H Bravo, & the whole gang!!! Hoo-rah!!! According to their FB Page, release will be before this Sept!!!

Edwin H Bravo completing some ADR on "Harbinger Down'.

Edwin H Bravo – “Atka”- completing some ADR on “Harbinger Down’.

Sphinx: Genesis – featuring our very own R.E. Wilhelm – is in final mix & the trailer should be ready – according to Director Christian Pichler – at the end of next week: “We’re nearly done with the film, this week we’re finishing the sound mix and have final look next week. Also mixing the trailer and if all goes well we launch the new website with an awesome trailer end of next week. We’re happy with the results. So stay tuned!!!” Just the look alone is incredible!!! This is what comes from RED Epic cameras, folks!!!

Director Christian Pichler (on right) on set of "Sphinx: Genesis".

Director Christian Pichler (2nd from right) on set of “Sphinx: Genesis”.

R.E. Wilhelm with John Zacchino on set of "Sphinx: Genesis"; Directed by Christian Pichler.

R.E. Wilhelm with John Zacchino & Joey Gaytan on set of “Sphinx: Genesis”; Directed by Christian Pichler.

R.E. Wilhelm as Special Agent John Willis in "Sphinx: Genesis".

R.E. Wilhelm as Special Agent John Willis in “Sphinx: Genesis”


R.E. Wilhelm & John Zacchino on set of "Sphinx:Genesis"; Directed by Christian Pichler.

R.E. Wilhelm & John Zacchino on set of “Sphinx:Genesis”; Directed by Christian Pichler.

In addition we’re proud to add the creative genius of Hans Karl as the composer for THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death!!! Hans scored the teasers spectacularly & he has a complete & total feel for what the production is trying to convey. In this industry it’s rare that it “clicks” like this, but it has!!! He’s also done some work with the artist Shag, in this case ShagXotica! R.E. Wilhelm discovered & became a fan of Shag in the late ’90’s during the whole swing music/lounge rebound sparked – in large part – by the film Swingers. Check it out!!! If you’re as much a devotee of the art of libation as some of us around here, you’ll find it an perfect accompaniment!!!

Composer Hans Karl

Composer Hans Karl

We would of course be extremely remiss in not mentioning THE GREATEST AUDITION COACH ever; From the “Land Down Under” comes the excellent Paul Barry!!! Actors: he’s a Tour de Force. You will book more work studying with him than you will ANY OTHER Audition/Acting Coach in L.A. Check him out!!! To add to his bona fides, Paul also writes an ongoing column for Backstage.com. His latest –Six Questions to Ask About a Potential Acting Class – is well worth your time!!! He knows of what he speaks!!!

Audition/Acting Coach Extraordinaire Paul Barry.

Audition/Acting Coach Extraordinaire Paul Barry.


So for 2015 not a bad start!!! And it will get better!!! Stay tuned for all updates & check back frequently as these posts are updated!!! All the best & have a safe & Happy 2015!!!!!

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