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Both THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death & MASTERS OF WAR: Soldiers of Distinction Make Splash @ American Film Market 2014!!!

Our sincerest apologies for the tardiness of this post, but we’ve had our hands full with finishing other projects, auditions, & both THE MARSCHER LORDS: Brotherhood or Death & MASTERS OF WAR: Soldiers of Distinction. With Veteran Producer Mo Fitzgibbon, we were able to take AFM 2014 by storm!!! Good things in the mix! Really good things!!! Can’t elaborate any more than that at the moment, so stay tuned. One thing we can say is that these projects have LEGS!!!  And another heartfelt thank you to her husband & partner Robert Walker who’s graphic design & editing helped push the MASTERS OF WAR sizzle reel over the top!

Here are the “One Sheets” for both projects:

MoW One Sheet Front 001

Front of “MASTERS OF WAR: Soldiers of Distinction” One Sheet

MWSD Side B_v01

One Sheet Back Cover

ML 1 Sheet1 001

Front of “THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death” One Sheet

Ml 1 Sheet 2 001

One Sheet Back Cover

Response to THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death Teasers I & II has been very good. They are meant to pique & engender interest in the project. They were kept fairly contemporary for budgetary reasons (period pieces being the most expensive!!!) but just to tease a little to allow the viewing public to see what the the themes of the bigger project will be: Honor. Gallantry. Chivalry. Respect. Sad to say these qualities are sorely lacking in today’s world, and if ever there was a more founding principle for civilization, it is that of chivalry: Doing Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. Life would be much better if we could all practice this more, n’est pas?

Both THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death & MASTERS OF WAR: Soldiers of Distinction Make Splash @ American Film Market 2014!!!

And make sure to check out Director Christian Pichler‘s Sphinx:Genesisa sci/fi thriller about a group of independent historians who stumble upon a conspiracy about the creation of man, putting their lives & the lives of those around them in grave danger.  It’s in post-production now. Had a great time filming it up in the Oxnard/Ventura area with a terrific cast that includes John Zacchino,  Timmy Glasgow, Jack Davis,&  Lindsay McFarland, Pichler – a native Austrian – has worked as a 2nd Unit Director or Assistant Director on much big budget studio fare, including Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, The Island, Rocky Balboa, & The Astronaut Farmer.  Looking forward to the premier, Christian!!! ;<)


Director Christian Pichler (on left) with DP Will Turner


Director Christian Pichler & DP Will Turner setting up the next shot


John Zacchino (on left) & R.E. Wilhelm III clowning on set


Producer Lucy Macedo, Christian Pichler, & Will Turner on set of Sphinx: Genesis









Harbinger DownWe still eagerly anticipate the release of Alex Gillis’ Harbinger Down with the legendary Lance Henriksen & our very own Edwin H Bravo. We’re hoping by Christmas so stay tuned!!!  As soon as we hear we’ll get the word out!!! One of the producers on it – friend of the page Jennifer Tung – is already working on a new project & there’s A LOT of excitement about: entitled Yellow Feather, it “tells a story of Conquistadors and Mayans set in the early 16th century -it is a blend of fact, fantasy, and mythology.” Period pieces dealing with history? We love it!!! Looking forward to more!!! You may know Jennifer from such films as What Lies Beneath,  Star Trek: Insurrection, as well as the CSI:Miami TV series. from Check out their Facebook page for all the latest info & updates!!! 

Jennifer Tung

Jennifer Tung


Expect everyone’s seen Fury at this point? Whether you’re a thumbs up or down it was unique in this respect: how often do you see World War II told from a tankers perspective? The times that’s been done can be counted on one hand: Sahara (1943) with Humphrey Bogart, Battle of the Bulge (1965) which – despite its veteran, all-star cast & this terrific moment – is also unfortunately one of the most historically inaccurate films ever made, the classic Kelly’s Heroes  (1970) – blowing a bank was never this much fun! – & the best tank movie you’ve never seen – from 1988 – The Beast,  about a Soviet tank crew in Afghanistan (they were there too? Oh yes, indeed). There’s another war flick on the horizon, War Pigs (2015), but the film’s description – “A rag tag unit of misfits known as the War Pigs must go behind enemy lines to exterminate Nazis by any means necessary” – didn’t we already see that in Inglorious Basterds?  Time will tell. As far as tanks go, though not told from a tanker’s perspective, this – in our humble opinion – is still the greatest use of tanks on film to date. One criticism that can be said of Fury is its severe under use of the only real Mk VI Tiger to ever grace a screen.

Both THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death & MASTERS OF WAR: Soldiers of Distinction Make Splash @ American Film Market 2014!!!

Stay tuned, more on the way in this & other projects.


Director Mark W Curran‘s hard at work in post production on Abandoned Dead. Folks, post production is very expensive & Mark’s group Nightwatcher Films could use a little help. Spread the word if you can & chip in with what ever you can. Remember, this is an indie film that needs to be completed- an excellent premise & a very well-written script (how rare are those?!). No gratuitous slasher gore either, it’s more of a mind-bender thriller. Support it if you can. Supporting the good concepts helps indie filmmakers affect change. It’s all up to us & our friends & family!!!!

Abandoned Dead psoter


Wishing the Happiest of Thanksgivings to One & All!!!!



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Teutonic Knights, circa 13th Century

Teutonic Knights, circa 13th Century

Remain Chivalrous, My Friends.

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