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They’re Here: THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death TEASERS I & II!!!

Ladies & Gentlemen – an objective secured!!! THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death Promo Videos were finished just yesterday!!! Thanks go out to the whole production crew: Producers Adela Taylor (who also doubled as Production Coordinator)  & Ruby Emerald Diamond & her husband Bill, Lenser Extraordinaire David Hansen-Sturm for both his excellent work as a DP and in the editing bay, the always excellent & enthralling Edwin H Bravo!!! The venerable Stephen Rollins stepping in to stalwartly portray the Church Donations Manager & thankfully Julian Dorame came in at literally the last second to portray our Donations Recipient (the previously individual cast flaked on us that morning!! (Welcome to LA!!!) and Aubreeanna Carroll also added a great deal with some terrific reactions!!!  In the last scene in Trailer II, the charisma of Rio Appling and real life brothers Kevin Chelsea & Mario Chelsea is undeniable as they bring an authentic feel to their torment of  Joe Sachem,  at his effervescent best portraying a hapless homeless individual simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Joe’s a former Vietnam-era Marine and one hell of an actor.  There’s even a bit of the Golden Age of Hollywood in these; the lady Edwin helps is the elegant Reita Green, a veteran of many a production & even worked with Frank Sinatra in the timeless The Joker is Wild in an uncredited role.  Thank you One & All!!! We did well!!!

They’re Here: THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death TEASERS I & II!!!!

THE MARSCHER LORDS- Brotherhood or Death TEASER-HD from Robert E Wilhelm III on Vimeo.


THE MARSCHER LORDS- Brotherhood or Death TEASER II-HD from Robert E Wilhelm III on Vimeo.

Thanks also go out to Executive Production Designer Sir Brick Price & his lovely wife,  Lady Laura, for locating exactly the right location for the shoot!!! The surroundings were heaven sent and created just the right ambiance!!!  Thank you both!!! And while on the subject of ambiance, mention must be made of the excellent & original score composed by the creative genius of Hans Karl: Hans – really – we couldn’t have asked for better!!! Thank you for getting the mood just right & keying it up in the appropriate places & thank you for inferring our sense of what we wanted the music to be & bring!!! We tossed you the ball & you hit a home run my friend, a home run!!!

Edwin Bravorobert wilhelm-0120

Both Edwin H Bravo & Robert E Wilhelm have been exceptionally busy as of late (hence the sparseness of the postings) shooting other productions, but also hip-deep in getting these trailers completed. We’re earnestly looking forward to the release of Alec Gillis‘s Harbinger Down, which features Bravo in and Wilhelm in Mark W Curran‘s  Abandoned Dead, Michael Moutsatsos‘s Barker Daniels, and Christian Pilcher‘s  Sphinx. Check out their Facebook pages (Sphinx page yet to be created for FB)  for the latest updates.  But here’s a great little vid featuring Harbinger Down‘s Director with the legendary Lance Henriksen. Give’em a Like & become a member of “The Tribe”!!!

Harbinger Down2Abandoned Dead psoter


As you might expect, production costs are very high (especially here in SoCal) so if you could swing on over here to help Mark W Curran create some awesome effects in post-production!!! There’s great rewards so checkthem out!!! Become part of the Abandoned Dead Team!!!

Share these far & wide & remember to give us a “Like” on our MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death Facebook page!!!

Stay tuned – lots more to come!!!

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Insignia of the Teutonic Brigade Battalion

Insignia of the Teutonic Brigade Battalion

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