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It’s Official!!! – Major Recording Artist Drew Tretick Joins THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death Production Team as Composer/Scorer!!!

Drew Tretick brings a veritable wealth of experience & knowledge to this production; a true virtuoso at the tender age of five, later – in his teens -recognized as a Presidential Scholar of the Arts & accepted into the prestigious Juilliard School of Music in New York City. He has recorded on soundtracks for major motion pictures & appeared on both television & radio networks including ABC, NBC, ESPN, & PBS. His experience recording & performing with such legends as Tony Bennett, Stevie Wonder, Chris Isaak, Glenn Campbell, Ivan Gancedo, John Denver, the legendary Doc Serverinsen, the London Symphony Orchestra, & the Slovak National Orchestra. With the caliber of talent & experience already on THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death Academy Award & Emmy Award-Nominated & Emmy Award-Winning Production Team, Mr. Tetrick’s addition is definitively comparable & will round out the finely-honed talent roster we’ve been so fortunate to assemble!!!

Welcome Aboard Mr. Tretrick!!!  We Are Mighty Proud to Have You!!!

It’s Official!!! – Major Recording Artist Drew Tretick Joins THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death Production Team as Composer/Scorer!!!

Shooting last pick-up scene for THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death Promo Film tomorrow, then it’s back into the Editing Bay with Lenser Extraordinaire David Hansen-Sturm. Then to scoring. Won’t be long ’till it’s completed. So stay tuned, we’re blazing new ground each & every day.

Lenser-Extraordinaire David Hansen-Sturm in the Editing Bay: "Where's the coffee?!"

Lenser-Extraordinaire David Hansen-Sturm in the Editing Bay: “Where’s the coffee?!”

R.E. Wilhelm & Patrick O'Leary on set of "Barker Daniels"

R.E. Wilhelm & Patrick O’Neal on set of “Barker Daniels”

News on THE MARSCHER LORDS Cast Members:

Cast Member R.E. Wilhelm just wrapped Mark W. Curran‘s signature feature Abandoned Dead over the weekend & Michael MoutsatsosBarker Daniels last week. Good shoot, good people, & a well-thought out & well-developed script. Both more psychological thrillers in a way, in Abandoned Dead a security guard – played to perfection by the wonderful Sarah Nicklin – takes a last minute security assignment at a nursing home that nearly proves to be her undoing. The weight of her childhood traumas are fully brought to bear by the appearance of the resident physician – the twisted & diabolical Dr. Thaddeus Mayfield (our very own R.E. Wilhelm) – who forces her to confront her past demons in the present as she literally fights for her life. Still have some ADR work to do on it, then it goes into post-production. A terrific shoot with a terrific crew!!!  Thank You Director Mark W CurranEFX: Hannah Sherer. DP/Camera: Robert Adams. Supporting: Stacy Snyder, Chris Parker, Hannah Johnson,  Sound: Kristen Alfenito & Still Photographer Aimee Nicolas!!!  EFX Hanna Sherer had Wilhelm sit for about two hours for prosthetics & makeup application!!! Barker Daniels is a family drama, with the added edge of a descent into madness from an abusive parent.

Abandoned Dead psoter

EFX Hannah Sherer (on Left) & Assistant on set f "Abandoned Dead".

EFX Hannah Sherer (on right) & Assistant on set of “Abandoned Dead”.


THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death Cast Member Edwin H Bravo’s upcoming feature Harbinger Down is slated to open this Fall (we have to wait that long?!!!).  Ahh…building A-N-T-I-C-I-P-A-T-I-O-N n’est pas? Marketing Strategy 101. He also just finished an appearance on Lisa Kudrow‘s new show The Comeback, and is in pre-production on One Big Happy.  Here Harbinger Down‘s Director Alec Gillis talks about how he & producing partner Tom Woodruff came up with the project. These Director/Producer commentaries are always interesting, because they give you a glimpse at the wizard behind the curtain & how – so much – YOU are directly responsible for the success of projects such as these. We live in different times. What is produced anymore is not just up to “the suits in the suites” @ the major studios. With the rise of crowdfunding sites, your voice can now be heard more than ever before!!!

Harbinger Down2

It’s Official!!! – Major Recording Artist Drew Tretick Joins THE MARSCHER LORDS:Brotherhood or Death Production Team as Composer!!!

Masters of War:Soldiers of Distinction Logo.

Masters of War:Soldiers of Distinction Logo.

On the Masters of War: Soldiers of Distinction front, there’s a new cut of the teaser/sizzle reel. We’re in talks with several Veteran’s charities now to make them a beneficiary of the show. Working it all out now. Thanks go out to Robert Walker & Mo Fitzgibbon of Walker-Fitzgibbon TV & Film for their incredible re-edit an graphics addition! They really know how to tie the bow!!!  Mo Fitzgibbon recently hosted the Etheria Film Night right after winning Best Music Video for Joanna Tepper’s Save the Children at Dances With Film Festival in Hollywood!!! Get outt’a the way!!! – Mo & Rob are on a roll!!!

Mo Fitzgibbon & Robert Walker of @ Etheria Film Festival.

Mo Fitzgibbon & Robert Walker of @ Etheria Film Festival.

Friend of the page Magda Marcella has a new project she’s doing: Hunter, slated for release this year starring one of our favs – George Lazenby!!! We were just talking about OHMSS in a previous post!!! Small world this. She also has Darling Nikki &  School’s Out in post-production. She’s also penning/directing her own project, Miracle Mile Girls, about four young actresses navigating their way thru Hollywood.  Kudos Magda & let us know how everything’s going!!!

UPDATE!!! Magda Marcella just sent us this pic at  right of George Lazenby on set of Hunter, with Laurene Landon & Douglas Dunning. Wow!!!

George Lazenby, Laurene Landon, & Douglas Dunning

George Lazenby, Laurene Landon, & Douglas Dunning

And – to top everything off – we’ve got two Russian T-34 tanks on call in Virginia for the Scorched Earth:The Other Side of World War II trailer. But, we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves here. ;<)






I Could Be2


UPDATE II: SUPPORT OUR VETS!!! (especially those in The Biz)!!! Friend of the page & U.S. Navy Veteran Christina Elizabeth is a country singer & just released her first single (& has only been out of the Navy for about a year! How’s that for gaining ground fast!)!!! It’s a terrific one entitled “I Could Be” and is NOW AVAILABLE ON ITunes!!! Congrats Christina – take a bow!!! You’ve earned it!!! Now spread the word all, because she’s an indie like all of us!!!

Stay tuned for more on these productions & updates as they happen.






James Garner



We would be remiss if we did not mention the passing of the great James Garner this past week. A Veteran of the U.S. Army & a combat veteran of the Korean War, he served with honor & then brought joy to millions throughout his career in both tv & film. Mr. Garner, you will be sorely missed. You left an indelible, timeless imprint – not only on the mark of cinema & television – but also in the mind of one young boy in particular, who wanted to grow up to be just like you.





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